Blue Water Fishing- World’s Best Sites for Marlin

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Marlin catching offered represents one of the best sports fishing that many experienced anglers seek. World famous writer and a Noble Peace Prize winner, Ernest Hemingway, practiced marlin fishing and wrote extensively about the sport. Fishing for marlin elevates any angler who catches the fish among the fishing communities due to the fact that the creature is very huge and elusive. Marlin is very strong, heavy, has a firm bill and very aggressive. Catching it is not an easy task due to these qualities. Marlin fishing requires anglers who are patient and enduring. There are specific spots which are famed for marlin fishing. This article assesses some of this world famous spots for marlin fishing as explained below:

Cairns, Australia

This is one of the best places found Down Under where marlin fishing can be carried out during the winter months. These are between September and January. It is situated on the Great Barrier Reef that makes it the ideal breeding ground for Black marlins-Black gold. There are plenty of charters that will be hired to take you to your best marlin spot. You can hire them at either Cairns or Port Douglas.

Kona, Hawaii

This is the world’s best spot for marlin fishing. The place has well stretched white sand beaches that are ideal for marlin fishing. You will enjoy your marlin spots fishing during the summer months IGFA from April to September that you will catch big marlins. The largest marlin that has been caught in Kona weighed 450Kg.

Madeira, Portugal

It is found in the North Atlantic Ocean and one of the best and promising places for Blue Marlin fishing. If you want to engage in sport fishing in this site, the best months are from May to September. Hire the best charter and try fishing in Madeira.

San Juana, Puerto Rico

This is one of the best spots for marlin fishing which is not very far from the USA’s eastern cities. The best months for fishing in this location are during the summer period. It has tournaments for blue water sport fishing charters found in the months of August.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This spot found in Baja is one of the best places for marlin fishing. It has black marlins, striped marlins, Dorado, Wahoo, yellow Tuna, yellow tail, sailfish, sharks and mako.

Los Suenos, Costa Rica

This is one of the best places for Black marlin in the months of April through May. The striped marlin can be caught all year round. It has a lot of sailfish during the summer months. It has plenty of charters to hose from.


Panama’s saltwater offers the best sports fishing for marlin and other top 5 blue water sports fish.