Sushi Chefs Turn To Lasik For More Precision Cutting

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LASIK eye surgery is known to be one of the most common types of laser surgery that is done with the main aim of correcting vision problems. During this surgery, the surgeon is going to cut through across the cornea and then he or she is going to raise a flap of tissues. After this is done, the surgeon is then going to start on the reshaping so as to correct the vision of the patient. This kind of procedure is most common with people who have long-sighted, short-sighted or people who are suffering from astigmatism. However, this kind of surgery may not be suitable for patients who have strong lens prescriptions.

It is also important to know that just like any other procedures and surgeries that you may undergo, LASIK eye surgery also has its complications and risks. Your doctor should be able to inform you of all the risks and complications that are normally involved in this kind of surgery.

The advantages of having a LASIK eye surgery

There are many different benefits that tend to come with this kind of procedure. They include:

  • This kind of surgery is considered to be less painful compared to other surgeries that are normally carried out. This also makes the healing time faster compared to other surgeries.
  • LASIK surgery has been proven to work especially when it comes to correcting vision problems in patients.
  • Most of the time after having a LASIK surgery, most patients do not have to make use of corrective eyewear.
  • Your vision is going to be corrected immediately after the surgery is complete. In many cases, it tends to take a day or two.
  • epi lasik sg pricing is very effective since patients may have to go for adjustments after many years have passed.

The disadvantages of having a LASIK eye surgery

Despite the benefits, this kind of surgery also has its disadvantages as well.

  • Your vision corrections can only be made by doing other additional eye surgeries.
  • The changes that are made on your cornea are irreversible after the LASIK eye surgery is complete.
  • This kind of surgery has the disadvantage of causing you to lose your best vision whether or not you are making use of your glasses.
  • The entire LASIK eye surgery is considered to be a complex procedure.  There are times whereby a problem may occur once the doctor cuts through the flap which may affect your vision permanently.  Click here for about Zed Lasik

The potential side effects

Some of the side effects that you are likely to experience include:

  • You may have difficulty in driving at night
  • You may glare
  • Your eyes may be dry
  • You may start seeing halos around images
  • Your images may start fluctuating