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Awesome Things You Can Learn From Studying Viking Arm Use Safety

A Viking arm is a door, window, cabinet, decks, porches, and flooring installer. It has replaced the manual installation used years back. It installs by clamping the item, lifting, screwing, and balancing them to desired positions. Designed with safety for the user in mind, and that is what we will learn from studying Viking arm use safety Oryx Viking Arm tool jack clamp

Key features 

It is made to clamp, press, and lift in a short amount of time compared to the ancient tools that only clamp, or screwing taking a lot of time in one fitting. 

A universal tool as it fits many items so performs multiple installation tasks.  

Has tight holding fixtures rendering operations safely. Precision in achieving this is nothing you have seen before, unlike other tools that clamp and lose causing accidents. 

Material is steel thus very durable. 

A complete token of fixtures and clampers all in one that makes work easier and safer as no human support is required. 


Has a weight of 1.4 Kgs thus easily portable and safe to use by anyone. It lifts a weight of 150 Kgs maximum. Clamps 6 to 215 millimeters of the area enough for any form of construction fitting like floors, windows, and doors as none of these have many square areas to this. Steel material to carry and hold all forms of materials. A base of 5 by 105 by 87 to proportionally clamp and lift a weight of 150 Kgs safe for heavy installations. Another Viking arm that uses safety specificities is mounting holes to items at work. 


Increases productivity by saving time and money; time as it uses little time to install any item and money because it’s universal, so you do not need to buy a lot of machinery only one. Also, its material is known for durability, so on Viking arm can last for two lifetimes. Clamps, presses, lifts, and tightens reducing accidents that occur when using other machines. Lifting capacity of 150 Kgs, unlike other tools that support small weights. An operation range of 7-215 millimeters, a safe distance for any operation. 

Where to buy 

For safe installations, buy your Viking arm from your nearby hardware shop or in malls. It is also available on online shops like Amazon and e-bay. 

Viking Arm Customer Reviews 

“While doing laminate flooring, I needed to slip a protective piece of thin plank under the feet of this china cabinet… no way I could have done it safely, but with this Viking, it saved my back and potential injury.”  

”I initially thought that I would only use the arms for cabinets. However, since putting them in the tool trailer, I continue to find more uses for them.” 

“Being using them for a while and first impressions were very solid built…pure quality.” 

In conclusion, we have learned a lot from studying Viking arm use safety. Its features and specifications aimed to deliver safe installations. Our findings are supported by customers’ feedback enjoying the benefits of safely using this Viking arm.